Our Practice

MLG Strategies provides business consulting and governmental affairs services to our clients

We can help you succeed in achieving your business goals by working closely with you to develop, refine and implement your strategies.

We also act as de facto or “fractional” General Counsel for companies, a role that allows companies to have the benefit of an experienced lawyer without the expense of a full-time employee. Hiring a Fractional General Counsel can be a highly beneficial and effective way to retain the services of a highly experienced business lawyer to act as your general counsel on a cost-effective basis.

A full-time general counsel is often unnecessary and cost prohibitive for many companies. Though a company may need and can benefit from the services of a general counsel, many times the need is not a full-time one. Morgan Legal Group can provide you a seasoned, experienced lawyer that understands business and has the experience to act as your general counsel. We will invest the time to get to know your company, its operations, strengths and weaknesses and work with you come up with a pricing structure that gives you first-rate service and experience tailored to fit your needs.



  • Complex M&A transactions
  • University Tech Transfer Commercialization
  • Securities reporting compliance for public companies
  • Domestic and international joint ventures
  • Compliance with stock exchange rules
  • Internal audits and investigations
  • Corporate governance and compliance policies
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Loans and other corporate debt instruments
  • Due diligence services
  • All with high quality, experienced professionals.
  • Eliminate hiring and recruiting costs
  • Obtain a seasoned professional for a fraction of the cost of a full-time senior lawyer
  • Geoff Morgan has acted as lead securities and business lawyer to many public companies, including Fortune 500 companies
  • Having a lawyer that is consistently up to speed with your company can result in many additional benefits, including being proactive instead of reactive on many issues
  • Geoff serves as a trusted advisor to many companies, both public and private. Contact us and let’s discuss designing a program that can provide you with these services on a cost-effective basis.