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More of what you need, less of what you don't

Our Team & Network

With offices in Milwaukee’s Third Ward and the Chicago Loop, we embrace the best features of both boutique and virtual law firms. We have access to a deep bench of other experienced, high-quality lawyers. This allows us to provide exceptional legal service while affording you the benefit of the efficiencies inherent in our model. We use top-tier technology. It’s a new model, but the most important part—solid, experienced lawyering—is strictly traditional. So you receive more of what you need (top notch, responsive service) and less of what you don’t (the high cost associated with conventional firms). The business of delivering legal services has changed. As clients continually seek to reduce expenses, top lawyers have realized that they can avoid the high overhead associated with conventional firms and provide first-rate service at substantially reduced rates.

Established technology now allows lawyers to operate a firm without conventional firms’ costs of training inexperienced lawyers, maintaining layers of legal and administrative personnel, and occupying expensive office space. Skilled lawyers with training from the top firms in the United States are organized in networks and available as needed for service on our teams at reasonable rates. By using these networks, we can provide a bench that is deeper than most conventional firms can offer, while sparing our clients the cost of paying salaries of lawyers they don’t use.


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